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Hello World! Welcome to the http://lokalhost.in!

I doubt there is a single geek who has never thought of writing a blog, regularly. But how many does really blog? Very few, very very few! I am no exception. I have started few blogs in the past, blogged regularly for some time and started losing motivation. Well, I am giving another shot at the blogging on this New Year.

So,, welcome to the http://lokalhost/ .  World of programming is tricky, everyday a new problem will hit you and you’ll get busy solving. But the fact is, many times we, software developers/ programmers, spend hours solving some silly “by-problem”  because we have never come across it before or the resources available for it are either unclear or not so helpful. And you may not be the only person wasting your time on it; someone else might have or may be wasting their time on it too.

I, too, come across such programming problems often and I believe I should start writing about them once I have solved them. It may save someone else’s time too. I will be writing posts on these issue and solution which I used to solve such close-to-general problems. I will also be posting Tutorials and How-to blog posts to help my fellow programmers.

We programmers face such problems quite often and I do believe to keep getting motivations to post more and more. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog. Stay Tuned!

And yes, Happy New Year!!